gemtiger: (Winter Song)
gemtiger ([personal profile] gemtiger) wrote on November 27th, 2010 at 12:01 am
The annual post post

I have been pretty MIA lately. Basically, my life has been filled with:

  • Research (two months and I still haven't got this thing to work!)
  • TA-ing (why can't my students read burets properly? Also, why does marking take so long?)
  • Class (Only one this term, but three the next... mince)
  • Dodgeball (Good times.)
  • Concerts (In no particular order: Phoenix, BSS, Stars, the RAA ♥)

Despite all that, I still want to send people things in the mail (Christmas cards, post cards, random greeting cards)! I promise I am more verbose with a pen in my hand than a keyboard under my fingers...

Comments are screened, leave your address, and if you have a preference about what I send you. :)

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