gemtiger: (Raven - forevermore)
gemtiger ([personal profile] gemtiger) wrote on June 11th, 2009 at 07:34 pm
I've been kind of AWOL lately (what else is new?) So, in no particular order, some life updates:

I've started playing Ultimate again. My team happens to be in the lowest division (YESSS!, no pressure) so we're all having a good time. I've also realized that I like Ultimate much, much more than dodgeball, which I played last semester.

I'm officially a graduate now! I can now stick B.Sc. after my name. :) And now, when I complain about undergrads, it actually means something.

I am somehow spending much more money than I thought this summer. :\ I am working full-time, but I also work in academia, which pays approximately peanuts. This is really only an issue because I need to show I have X amount of money to qualify for a student visa to France, and I still haven't heard back about the grant yet (and now it looks like I won't know until July.)
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