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from expérimentale to expérimentée

friends-only, not that I post anything, ever

you've got a journey to make / there's your horizon to chase

{ name } I used to be called Gem online. As a teenager I defended that nickname fiercely online, but don't strongly identify with it anymore. I am not an Aussie living in Newcastle, nor am I a woman living in Georgia looking for a date. Call me what you like.
{ identity } I do everything by halves. I majored in a hard science but had a softie language minor. I get around town on my bright pink (and slightly rusty) hybrid bike. I paddle ocean canoes on flatwater. I listen to bands you've never heard of but you probably wouldn't find their music particularly edgy. I lurk mostly on metafilter these days.
{ music } I listen to singer-songwriter indie pop/rock. I have cried at Florence and the Machine and Explosions in the Sky concerts.
{ books } I can always read Margaret Atwood, and I am slowly devouring David Mitchell's oeuvre. As a child I really enjoyed fantasy novels, but I am probably one of a handful self-described geeks on the planet who hasn't read, and doesn't really care for, Lord of the Rings.
{ what else? } I never know what to put in these things.
still a part of crystalline. profile credit. layout credit.
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