11 June 2009 @ 07:34 pm
I've been kind of AWOL lately (what else is new?) So, in no particular order, some life updates:

I've started playing Ultimate again. My team happens to be in the lowest division (YESSS!, no pressure) so we're all having a good time. I've also realized that I like Ultimate much, much more than dodgeball, which I played last semester.

I'm officially a graduate now! I can now stick B.Sc. after my name. :) And now, when I complain about undergrads, it actually means something.

I am somehow spending much more money than I thought this summer. :\ I am working full-time, but I also work in academia, which pays approximately peanuts. This is really only an issue because I need to show I have X amount of money to qualify for a student visa to France, and I still haven't heard back about the grant yet (and now it looks like I won't know until July.)
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[identity profile] lusimeles.livejournal.com on June 12th, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
BAH, money :( Why can't we have an infinite supply of it, boo... (not anybody else, of course, because that would defeat the whole purpose of economics to begin with - JUST US, MWAHAHAHA).

Also, rofl, ULTIMATE. I haven't played that in years, omg! Which is okay, because I always sucked at it anyways. I rocked at dodgeball, though :D
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[identity profile] gemtiger.livejournal.com on June 13th, 2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
You forget, I'm a chemist, and I theoretically know how to make gold from lead. ;) Doing it is another problem altogether. :P

I don't pretend to be very good at Ultimate, but I love the game. This from a girl who hated playing frisbee before she started playing Ultimate. I never quite got used to having balls being thrown at me in dodgeball--sucks when you're the last one left and you can see the other team lining up to nail you with all the balls :( At least that never happens in Ultimate.
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